Chip L

Core Strength, Stability & Balance


"I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how pleased and surprised I have been lately.
Since last fall when we began working together I have felt generally better and stronger.

These past few weeks have brought me a few great surprises.

First, I am and have been a single digit handicap golfer for some years.

I am just beginning this year’s season and have been out a few times.
I must tell you that with the same equipment as I used last year I am hitting the ball much farther, I have always hit the ball a good distance but recently I have enjoyed drives in excess of 300 yards, some over 320 yards.. This is about 25-30 yards over my usual drives.
Driving the ball 300 plus yards is good; doing it at 56years of age is great!!

Secondly as you know I road race motorcycles, I just returned from a week end at Road Atlanta one of the most difficult tracks in the country, my speeds were above 160mph and my overall riding performance had never been at the level I experienced this past week end.

Core strength, stability and balance are key in both golf and high speed riding.
Your training has helped me develop in all these areas and the proof is in the incredible results I am experiencing.

I am looking forward to great seasons in both golf and at the race track this year.

Thanks for your work; your system truly is changing my life."

Chip L

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