Jack P.

"...truly miraculous and life changing"


Dear Vladimir ,

I am 68 and, as you know, have been ill, incapacitated and unable to work for 15 years. My symptoms are basically very low physical and mental energy with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

I have been to many doctors and alternative medicine practitioners who have given me many diagnoses: e.g. chronic fatigue, depression, MCS, low blood sugar, food allergies, and others I can't remember (oh yes, memory loss).

My beginning belt lift was 518 pounds and by my tenth session I could lift 1246 pounds After the sixth session I felt extreme muscle burn and fatigue for several days, then after my seventh session I was extremely depressed for more than a week. After these "crises," I have been improving steadily and the results more than justify the 1000+ mile round trip I make each time. My mental and physical energy is improved and I am better able to focus on projects. My friends have noticed that I look healthier and stronger.

I consider finding you to be truly miraculous and life changing. Thanks a lot.

Jack P.

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