Anne P.

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T o Whom It May Concern :

I began Vladimir's program in February of this year, through my mother's recommendation. My father and I currently participate in the program together on a weekly basis. It was recommended to me because I have suffered from leg and joint pain since I was a child. My symptoms include; shin splints, leg cramps, joint pains, sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression. When I was in kindergarten, doctors told us I should not wear sneakers or exercise. Years later, another doctor deduced that I was allergic to milk products. Neither of these diagnosis were correct or helped my problem. Finally, as a teenager I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

The upside of learning you have this condition is that your symptoms have a name, and you get the solace of knowing that other people share your symptoms. There is no cure, but now the doctors have instructed me to take naproxin sodium for the leg pain and anti depressant medication for everything else. This is a temporary solution to a long term problem that is predicted to get worse as I age.

During the past year, I have purchased and renovated my first home and dealt with the death of my grandmother, with whom I was very close, and the realization that my other grandmother has Alheizmers disease and has since been moved from her home into an assisted living facility.

These life changes were very difficult for me to deal with, on top of the pain the associated with Fibromyalgia, I believe that by doing Vladimir's program, I have strengthened my body and mind. This has enabled me to survive the last year. My body feels good on a regular basis. I am able to sleep and have a calmness despite the stress I am feeling. I don't wake up in the middle of the night with leg pains, nor am I fatigued and stiff in the morning and all day. I feel better. Much of the renovation of my home was done by my boyfriend and myself. Prior to starting the program I would never have had the strength, energy, endurance or piece of mind to accomplish what we have in the last year. I am very appreciative to my mother for the recommendation, and to Vladimir for his system. It has enabled me to survive, and to realize that I do not have to feel bad forever.

Anne P.

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