Judith A.

"People notice a glow in me and comment"


Dear Vladimir,

Now that I'm sixteen weeks into the Gravitational Gymnastics program with you, I wanted to let you know the effects I'm enjoying from the process.

You had told me about what you were doing several years ago. It sounded great but I could never do what it took to get myself to your gym nor could I even imagine myself doing it. I was at a point where I was beginning to feel rather hopeless about the aging process. Because I was essentially doing nothing to forestall all the inevitable --under "normal" circumstances --decline, I was feeling resigned to being fat and getting fatter, to having low energy, to worrying about what disease was going to get me, to looking old and worn out, etc. I was pretty gloomy.

On a particular day last November, I had a talk with myself, realizing I had to do something. I could go back to doing any of a number of things I've done over the years that have done me very temporary good, only to watch myself run out of steam and fall back into harmful habits. I have heard it said that if you do thinks the way you've always done them, you'll always get the same results. That fact made me so discouraged. Why bother? That was the evening I happened into a sushi restaurant in Roswell, far from my home, completely out of my normal routine. There you were with your family and you invited us to join you for dinner. A few days later, I was at your gym, watching someone going through the exercises. The positive energy in the room was palpable. I felt completely convinced that this was something I must do.

At my first session, I lifted, with the belt, 488 pounds. I was amazed. Thrilled. Couldn't believe it! Today, I lifted 1,194 pounds. It's not possible. But it is.

After that very first session I felt immediately transformed. My energy was out the roof. I felt I had more energy than I even knew what to do with. My teenage son told me I was obnoxious! He didn't recognize this bustling mother. I tackled projects I've been putting off for literally years, things that constantly weighed on me but I never had the energy or desire to do them. I've been flying through those projects ever since. When I see something that needs doing, I tend now to do it rather than procrastinating. This a huge shift for me. I took up knitting because I wanted to keep busy, even when l'm talking on the phone or watching television. I've been knitting piece after piece after piece.

That over-the-top kind of energy has either subsided a little or I've adapted to it because now I don't feel so frantically vigorous. Whereas before I started this program, I used to nap most every day, a nap is now the exception. I'm into a comfortable rhythm of getting things accomplished now that I've never experienced before in my life. I feel optimistic, confident and strong. I feel I've got a key, a very amazing key, to being healthy and happy and feeling young.

I have gone back to something I've done before which is attending Weight Watchers. But this time, I have this new strength and determination that doesn't require my limited will power. It's as if I have the energy now to want to do things that are right and good for me. I am slowly losing pounds. I'm in no hurry. I feel confident that I will get myself into health and fitness. Always before I was so afraid of falling off my "diet". I felt deprived. It felt like such a struggle. The shift is subtle but it is making all the difference.

I broke my ankle in three places about three years ago, underwent surgery and came out with an ankle full of metal plates and screws. The first time I worked with you, especially on the leg press, I had to stop at 414 pounds due to pain and weakness. Now I'm up to pressing 830 completely pain-free pounds and am looking forward to an upcoming ski trip.

I have to say my life has improved in many ways. Our financial circumstances have taken a decided upturn. People notice a glow in me and comment on it. I am so glad that I finally started working with you and I can't imagine not having this in my life. It is an incredible gift. I want to thank you for bringing it my way and I'm very grateful that I am so receptive at last.

Warmest regards,
Judith A.

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