John B. Ph.D.

"...opening up channels of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing"


Dear Vladimir,

Last time I saw you, we discussed how "gravitational wellness" produces the dramatic changes that we have seen. While I have had some difficulty recovering some of the intriguing ideas that came up, I am sending on a few thoughts about your system.

First of all, there does not seem to be any traditional physical explanation for the amazing increases in weight lifting ability that occur through Gravitational Wellness. While some of the increase is probably attributable to better technique and greater confidence, as well as the body's acclimation to the physical stresses, I think these factors can account for only a small part of the seemingly incredible weights that can be lifted through this system. I know from many years experience with regular weight lifting that muscle strength increase is not a major factor here.

We spoke of how stressing the organism to its outer limits is similar to certain psychotherapeutic methods that believe deep change is most likely to occur only when the deepest levels of emotion and resistance are accessed. Perhaps the weights work in an analogous way by forcing the body to draw upon its deepest levels of energy and thereby opening up channels of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that continue to operate within the organismic system far after the weight session itself.
How the weights are able to help the organism access these deep levels of energy and healing is as yet unclear to me. Perhaps Bill R is at least partially correct in suspecting the involvement of what Laszlo calls the quantum vacuum field-the pure chaotic energy events occurring in "empty space." These kinds of speculations are extremely intriguing and deserve scientific research, but are beyond my area of specialization.

Phenomenologically speaking, it feels to me as if there is both a psychological and a physical sense of "centering" and "releasing" that goes on during the critical moments of lifting. Also, when approached with the proper frame of consciousness, the actual amount of weight seems to have little importance. It is as if one is tapping into a much larger source of power.

What this means objectively, again, I do not have any clear notion. But I believe the results of this system, both vis-a-vis the amazing physical accomplishments and the powerful healing potentials, justify serious research into its therapeutic possibilities and its theoretical basis.

John B. Ph.D.

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