James T

New energy after post-operative depression


Dear Vladimir,

As you know in October, I was diagnosed for melanoma skin cancer and wag operated on to resolve the problem shortly after the diagnosis. While I was assured that the surgery was a complete success, I was told for the next two years I would have to have quarterly chest x-rays and blood work done as a follow up to the operation. Subsequent to the surgery , I became lethargic and very anxious and ultimately fell into a postoperative depression.

I was aware of your wellness program that involved a unique method of working with weights. It was my understanding that after a scheduled number of appointments the result would be both a beneficial help to my immune system both physical and mentally, and I would ultimately be able to renew my daily routines. I began the program with the expectation that after 4 or 5 visits I would begin to feel better, and indeed, I did. While I must admit I have no physiological explanation for what the weight program does to the human body, I can only say that after 7 or 8 visits, not only was I better, but felt totally normal and wanted to continue the program until I doubled my weight capacity from 600 to 1300 pounds.

As an aside, to helping me psychologically I felt like I had more physical energy than before the surgery and it has continued to this day. As I became acquainted with others while working with your program, it became obvious that they felt the same results. As you know, I had had back surgery years before I came to your program, and can attest to the fact that not only were there no negative affects through the exercising, but that it actually strengthened my back, muscles.
In closing, let me say that I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing lack of energy, or in general, any health condition that they have been unable to find any help.

Sincerely yours,
James T

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