Alica M

Migrane headaches much less severe


Dear Vladimir,

I just wanted to express to you my thanks for introducing me to the gravitational wellness program. As I told you when we interviewed, I have had a problem with migraine headaches over the last three years. On occasion, I will collapse with complete loss of motor skills for periods of 30 minutes up to 4 hours in length. I have experienced these episodes anywhere from 8 a day at the worst to 1-2 per month. I do not lose consciousness and cannot respond in any way, but I remain quite aware of all that is going on. I have seen numerous doctors... neurologists, allergists, endocrinologists, and even a psychologist. All of which cannot determine exactly what is going on other than I appear "normal" in all other respects. I have taken various anti-seizure and blood pressure medications with some improvement only to adjust and begin the episodes again. I have been evaluated by Mayo Clinic only to have them basically shrug their shoulders saying my condition was a "migraine phenomenon" and I had done all that was possible by known treatments. I had determined to remove myself from all medications since the positive effects were questionable and the negative side left me feeling drugged and listless. It was then I was introduced to gravitational wellness.

Upon beginning your program, I immediately felt a change in my health. I enjoyed the challenge of the exercise, but more so, I definitely experienced a sense of more physical energy after the sessions. People around me began to see the old Alicia and would remark at how my eyes seemed so much clearer. Although the episodes did not stop completely, when they did occur they were much less frequent and much less severe. I don't understand the science of gravitational wellness, but I can attest that I believe the program was instrumental in the improvement of my health. The neurologist tells me that there is so much we don't know about migraines, but that our cellular structure and nerve synapses are important considerations. I am convinced your program influences this theory.

I sincerely hope the medical profession endorses your program. I do believe it works! Thank you again for your interest in me and in my health.

Alicia M

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