Michael B, LPC

"...releases an inherent potential within the human body"


Michael B, LPC

I first became acquainted with Vladimir and his system via a client of mine in one of the weekly therapy groups that I facilitate. I witnessed a lovely change in her comportment that caught my attention. She was becoming very open hearted, more loving and more at ease. It was a very palpable change, one that I generally associate with the seasoning that emanates from disciplined spiritual practice. She, in turn introduced another client from the group to Vladimir, and she too experienced an important change: chronic neck pain began to dissipate. This, too, caught my attention and further piqued my curiosity.

I began personally working with Vladimir last summer. Initially, I did not experience anything very significant; it felt good enough and intriguing enough to return, yet I did not experience a shift in my life. I came to find' that Vladimir's perspectives on growth and personal development were quite similar to my own, and we developed a rapport as facilitators of change and growth.

After taking a hiatus of four months when my son was born, I returned for a session. Much to my surprise, I was lifting exactly the amount that I had lifted before taking a four-month break. This felt very significant to me. I could not have lifted any more weight than I did on my first visit, and had increased around 500 pounds by the time I took a break. To return and lift the same amount that I had left off with pointed to the fact that this system was enhancing an internal system inside of me above and beyond anything muscular (or related to strength training associated with the use of weights). I've always been an athlete, and after a four-month break doing traditional weight training, it would be virtually impossible to sustain the gains prior to stopping for this amount of time.
After fifteen or so sessions, I had a profound experience. I broke through to a level that surprised me, was somewhat disoriented, and over the course of the next week began to notice that I was feeling consistently more energetic, optimistic, and happier than I had previously been. There was a distinct shift in my "energy." It has not gone away since.

My sense of the experience is that this system naturally releases an inherent potential within the human body that usually remains dormant in most people's lives. The safe application of acute stress to the skeletal system by using weights in this way seems to directly access the internal capacity to heal, grow and change from the inside out. Devout yogis have cultivated practices that release this, yet this system cultivates the experience in a dramatically short period of time.

I continue to visit Vladimir and engage in weekly or biweekly sessions, and see immense potential for the application of Gravitational Gymnastics in many areas. I am enthusiastic to the point of being interested enough to be trained as a facilitator of the system myself, and have been contemplating the interplay between it, meditation and psychotherapy as a triad for personal growth and healing.

Michael B, LPC

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