Michael G

Meaningful impact in cancer healing & energy levels


Dear Vladimir:

Before my first session with you on September 11 th, 2000 I was diagnosed with metastatic renal cell carcinoma with a metastasis to the lung (one lesion), a lesion in the left adrenal gland, and a suspicious mass in the pancreas. I was told by my oncologist in June of 2000 that I had a 50% survival rate without interferon or interleukin by February, 2001 and a 50% survival after August, 2001 with drug therapy.

I have had CT scans taken before starting with your protocol and after 12 and 24 sessions after starting September 11th.

As you know, the only therapy I have chosen is your system and after over 25 sessions, I am pleased to report that the metastasis in the lung has completely disappeared, the pancreas is clean, and the primary lesion to the left adrenal has not grown at all. Furthermore, I am living symptom free and have more energy than when 1 was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June of 2000.

I am convinced that God has been at work in my current health condition, but I am equally convinced that God has used you and your system to help bring about a positive change to my condition. I am also personally aware of others who have been suffering from a variety of conditions that have stumped the medical community but whereby your system has brought about unimpeachable positive change.
I will be happy to discuss my condition more completely with anyone who is interested. I want to thank you, Vladimir, for the meaningful impact this program has had on my disease, my energy level, and how well it has complemented my spiritual condition as well.


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