Sharon F

40% improvement with severe neuromuscular problem


Dear Vladimir ,

I have been disabled since 1985 with immune and neuromuscular problems. I must avoid people and most places because of pandemic allergies and have to live in a pure environment with air and water filters. Any exposure to petrochemical fumes, chemicals, tobacco smoke, molds, foods, and pathogens will cause immediate neurological dysfunction with muteness or slurring of words, temporary paralysis of my legs, seizures, asthma and overwhelming fatigue. Sometimes I collapse and cannot communicate or move although I remain conscious. I would need to lie down and sometimes be on oxygen half an hour to a full day to recover the use of my legs and to speak clearly again

For the last 17 years I have tried many therapies which could not cure, just kept me alive until now. Two months ago I came to Vladimir's Gym on my doctor's recommendation. After the first day I noticed that an acute connective tissue/bone infection in the back of my skull began to clear up. This amazed me because it had been getting progressively worse and no prior treatments had helped. Before one session there was a slight fragrance from someone in the gym and I began to have a mild seizure and could not stand up without help. Once I began to lift, my speech returned to normal and I could walk again.

I have had nine workouts so far with my beginning weight at 310 lb. At first I would be chilled to the bone and totally exhausted for days. Not surprising since the least stress on my body has always provoked reactions and collapse. Right after the fourth workout, my brain function improved noticeably. Now my body is able to handle almost 700 lb without causing illness the next day. I feel as though I am 40% better on a scale of 0 to 100 with 100 being my level of well-being before I became ill many years ago.

Each time after lifting, my body will begin to shut down from the stress of weights. I will have the reactions listed above but my body is more resilient now and not as brittle. Whether it is the stimulation of the bone marrow stem cells or just the power of healing unleashed, I have benefited tremendously from gravitational gymnastics in physical health, mental clarity, and a sense of well-being. Thank you, Vladimir Chubinsky, for bringing us something which is brilliant in its simplicity, broad in its application, and works!

Sincerely yours,

Sharon F

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