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Breakthrough Relief from Endometriosis


"Approximately 5 years ago, I heard about Vladimir and the program he offered at the Gravitational Wellness center. I was desperate to find some relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with Endometriosis, an incurable disease that I had struggled with for almost 10 years.

Over the years, I had many surgeries that only offered short term relief before the pain would return. Ultimately, I would end up with surgery over and over again to remove the endometriosis that would return with a vengeance each time. It has eaten a hole through my pelvic lining to my pelvic wall. It has invaded my intestines and even attached itself to my ribs on one occasion. Within a year of each surgery, the pain would return and I would repeat the temporary treatments that did not manage the pain very well and only delayed the inevitable surgery that followed. Induced menopause on three different occasions didn’t work to alleviate the pain, so going through surgically induced menopause wasn’t an option for me.

I was also diagnosed with asthma in 2006. The combination of Singulair and Claritin D managed the asthma well, but the wheezing in my chest would return if I missed one dose of medication. Insomnia is another condition I had struggled with since childhood and managed with medication as an adult.

I was emotionally and physically drained when I first met Vladimir. I desperately needed this program to help with my endometriosis. Imagine my surprise when it helped with so much more. After several sessions with Vladimir, I could feel something changing. I had more energy. I was sleeping better. The sharp stabbing pain I experienced daily in my stomach was lessening. After 10 – 12 sessions, my pain was completely gone. I have not taken medication for Asthma or insomnia since completing my sessions 5 years ago, and the wheezing in my chest has never returned. Best of all, I haven’t had surgery for Endometriosis in 5 years.

This program has been life changing for me. I occasionally return to the Gravitational Wellness center because of the positive changes I feel emotionally and physically after completing a session. I am thankful that Anatoly Samodoumov created this program and chose Vladimir as his student. I will be eternally grateful to Vladimir for bringing this program to the United States and providing a way for me and many others to experience a better quality of life as a result of this program."

Tracy T

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