Emelie C

Syncope Conversion Disorder Turnaround


Female age 19

"I was diagnosed with syncope conversion disorder at the age of 8. No medication or therapy other than Vladimir helped me. I would be fainting at least four times a week before I saw Vladimir. I had broken my neck at the age of 14 because of this fainting problem and constantly had back and neck spasms. After the fourth session you could see a tremendous difference with me. I was not getting sick as much, I was not complaining of back pro my fainting drop down to at least twice every two weeks. After the sixth session I have had no fainting episode. I now have my drivers licensee something the doctors told me i could not get if I didn't s Vladimir top fainting. Thanks to program I am a normal 19 years old and hopefully it will stay this way!"

Emelie C.

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