Denise M

Cell Count and Bone Density Improvements


"In 1998 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was cancer free for eighteen months. I had a recurrence in 2000 and needed a stem cell transplant. I had an autogolus stem cell transplant at Dana Farber and thankfully have been cancer free for the past ten years.

It took about a year for my body and blood counts to begin to recover from the transplant, but for the most part I felt very good and was happy to be post treatment. The transplant made me a little more susceptible to infection because my white cell count was still low. I suffered a few bad boughts of the flu and had some reoccurring sinus infections. However, as time went on this seemed to get better, but the white still count was still on the low side. A white cell count between 4,000-10,000 is considered normal and my count was somewhere in the high 3,000 range.

I wanted to get this cell count up to somewhere in the 5,000 range and asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to help aid my cell count recovery. He said there was nothing I could do; that it would just take time. I have a wonderful doctor the Winship Cancer Institute. He has seen me through so much and I trust him with my health, but I was curious about alternative or adjunct therapies and this is how I came to find out about Vladimir Chubinsky and the work he is doing.

A dear friend of mine had been working with Vladimir for several years and she reported to me that she has never had more energy or felt better and she recommended I try a session with Vladimir.

I met with Vladimir in August 2009 and he told me that the program he offers could help me with my white cell count as well as my overall health and well being. He told me that the system he uses and the exercises I would be doing would help to strengthen my core and stimulate bone marrow for better cell production. I was quite weak in the beginning in the weight lifts. I was only able to lift 362 pounds, but over a period of one year, coming once a week, my core lift weight has improved to 904 pounds. My cell counts started to improve as well. I recently had my blood counts drawn and my white cell count is currently at 5,500. In addition to my improved cell counts, my bone density scores also improved.
I am very pleased with the results. I feel better and have more energy. I would highly recommended Gravitational Wellness for anyone who is looking for optimal health."

Denise M, Cancer Survivor, Winship Cancer Center Advisory Board Member

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