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"My name is Jessica and I'm 26 years old. Until 2010, I'd never had any problems with my back or neck. In the summer of 2010, I took a nearly six-foot fall onto my back. After attending Grady Hospital in Atlanta, I was found to have a mild concussion, but no other structural problems.

In January of 2011, I was experiencing uncomfortable back and neck pain. X-rays and MRI's were done in Athens, but nothing was found to be wrong. Doctors could feel the knots that developed in my neck, shoulders, back and jaw. However, they could find no identifiable cause for them or my pain. In September of 2011, the pain became so great that I was unable to work. Leaving my job, I was spending 20+ hours per day in bed in severe pain. My limbs were at times numb and at other times experienced a burning/tingling sensation that was just awful. What little time I was able, I was being carted to different doctors for a gambit of tests.

Throughout 2012 I experienced nerve conduction tests, blood-work, and various physical exams. I was treated at Emory, Northside Hospital of Atlanta, and in physical therapy. After a diagnosis of Dystonia and later Fibromyalgia, I was put on high dosage of Cymbalta and Lyrica. Both caused me to endure horrible side effects, and it took me months to get off of them. I began to lose hope.

The treatments I found most helpful for my pain, before coming to Vladmir, were an adjustment by my chiropractor, physical therapy, sessions with a local counselor for support, and rest. I was attending the chiropractor a few times per week, doing physical therapy everyday, and resting most other times. The pain was unbearable, but somehow I bore it.

My father actually got us in to see Vladmir after meeting coincidentally through his work. At first I was quite skeptical, because I had been let down by so many other therapies and treatments. However I cannot argue with the results. At my first session, I lifted 400+ pounds! I couldn't believe it. He told me not to think or talk about it, because if I became emotional I would hurt my healing process.

As I was unable to drive, it was difficult for me to complete the sessions weekly. Sometimes, I would go 3-4 weeks between sessions, but I've been blessed to have friends and family that would come drive me. It took months, but I've now completed 10 sessions.

I was told by one doctor I would never walk again and probably be in bed the rest of my life. Last month, September of 2013, I was able to walk down the aisle and dance at my wedding. During my last session, I lifted 934 pounds and am still working for more. On weeks when I make it to Vladmir's, I can spend 5-7 hours per day doing some activities! On weeks when I don't, my pain is much worse and I get maybe a third of that time I'm able to do things. Traveling is still hard, but I'm able to drive myself short distances again. I feel as though I'm getting my life back and I would encourage others to give Vladmir's therapy a try as well."


Jessica P.

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