David E. L., Ph.D.

Psychologist experiences new 'physiological calm'


To Whom It May Concern:

I has been a client of Vladimir Chubinsky's for the past 10 years. During that time I have experienced him as a highly motivated professional who was solidly and conservatively trained in physical therapy, body mechanics and massage therapy. He has never been satisfied to simply practice his profession, but has always been driven to make a significant contribution.

Approximately three years ago, Vladimir began telling me about a new system of lifting extraordinarily heavy weights, which I now know as gravitational gymnastics. He was learning about this system from its developer and his mentor, Anatoly Samodoumov, from Moscow.

Vladimir was intrigued and was trying the new system himself. As the months passed, I followed his experience with gravitational gymnastics. While I tend to be conservative and scientific in the way I approach new ideas, my attention was captured by what I was hearing.

I decided to try the system myself. I have observed two tangible physical changes. For years, I had a slight tremor when my neck was in certain positions. Also for about 5 years I have had a damaged nerve in my left heel, which was often painful After approximately four months (15 sessions), both of these disappeared and have not returned. I did not receive any other treatment intervention during this period of time. Thus, I do credit this process for the relief of my symptoms.

Less tangibly, I began to feel a "psychological calm" that was new to me. I am also aware of an absence of what I would call a "low-grade depression," a feeling that had been with me most of my life. I am not referring to a diagnosable depression that would be obvious to anyone but myself. That feeling has disappeared. As a psychologist in private practice, I have participated in more than 20 years of personal therapy, training, seminars, workshops, etc., and nothing had produced this sense. I have conducted workshops, taught at the university level, supervised advanced graduate students and post-graduate psychotherapists. My personality and training has taught me to be cautious, yet open to new ideas. I don't really have an explanation for the changes I have experienced, but certainly know the changes are real.

Due the positive benefits I have experienced, I have felt comfortable referring a few of my patients and friends to Mr. Chubinsky. Some of them have experienced physical and emotional benefits and are continuing to participate in the system. Others left after a short time (probably not long enough to experience noticeable benefits), primarily due to their individual financial restrictions.
My personal benefits seem to pale in comparison to some of the anecdotes I am hearing from Mr. Chubinsky and other clients. I have enthusiastically supported efforts to conduct scientific studies. I would like to see what results could be documented in both healthy and sick populations, from either a physiological or psychological perspective. To this end, I would be happy to discuss my experience with potential funding sources or researchers.

Sincerely yours,
David L., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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