Gwendolyn D.

"...asthma symptoms have all but disappeared"


Dear Vladimir,

After only twelve gravitational gymnastic sessions, I am very pleased to write you that my asthma symptoms have all but disappeared. Even my skeptical allergist has admitted that he is amazed that I no longer require the allergy medications that have been a daily part of my life since locating to the Atlanta area thirteen years ago.

In the past I was plagued with sinus infections and cold-like symptoms. My medical records reveal six to ten such illnesses requiring medical treatment per year. I have not experienced any such illness since May.

Although my ailments were considered mild to moderate compared to those of others, they did disrupt my professional and personal life. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you and your exceptional program. I look forward to seeing you when I return from my trip.

Gwendolyn D.

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