Dr. Ken C

"...key part of my integrated medicine strategy"


"I have been working with Vladimir for one year in order to build my core, shock my immune system and enhance my stamina through the gravitational weight system. When I started, my Pca3 score was 120. It identifies genetic markers associated with cancer and 35 or less is normal. Many believe that it is a much better indicator of prostate cancer than the PSA test. It led to a prostate biopsy and diagnosis of a very low level of prostate cancer. I decided to pursue active surveillance and continued with Vladimir. Five months later the Pca3 was 105, a change within the expected boundaries of 10-15%. The test is repeated after a positive biopsy to determine the need for further biopsies and/or invasive treatment.

Five months after the second test and not a year from the first, the Pca3 was repeated. My score was 48. I asked my urologist how such a change could occur. He practices in a large group practice and such an improvement from a high Pca3 score is virtually unknown among all their patients. He speculated that the tumor was decreasing. I then contacted the Dutch doctor who invented the test ten years ago, and his research team agreed that the improvement was unheard of because it is a measurement of genetic markers.

Empirically, I suspect that the gravitational gymnastics is a major contributor to the change."

Dr. Ken C.

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