GA Tech Baseball Team
Program significantly improves player performance
Patrick Kerney
Atlanta Falcons defensive end heals 60% faster with Gravitational Wellness
Tyler C
Incredible Power & Strength Playing Baseball
Chip L
Core Strength, Stability & Balance


Gwendolyn D.
"...asthma symptoms have all but disappeared"
Judith A.
"People notice a glow in me and comment"
John B. Ph.D.
"...opening up channels of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing"
Jack P.
"...truly miraculous and life changing"
Anne P.
Strength, energy, endurance and peace of mind
James T.
New energy after post-operative depression
Chris D
"...system has changed my life"
Sharon F
40% improvement with severe neuromuscular problem
Evelyn B
Strength regained suffering from type 1 diabetes
David L., Ph.D.
Psychologist experiences new 'physiological calm'
Alica M
Migrane headaches much less severe
Dee C, M.Ed., M.A.
Exercise physiologist has almost no pain from Fibromyalgia after 10 sessions
Michael G
Meaningful impact in cancer healing & energy levels
Michael B, LPC
"...releases an inherent potential within the human body"
Lynn R
Major Increase in Bone Density
Maria T
100% Improvement from Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Jessica P
Chronic Pain Relief
Denise M
Cell Count and Bone Density Improvements
Emelie C
Syncope Conversion Disorder Turnaround
Dr. Ken C
"...key part of my integrated medicine strategy"
Tracy T
Breakthrough Relief from Endometriosis
Rob M
A Recovery 'Game Changer'