Gravitational Wellness

  • Revolutionary Eastern medicine technique merges with Western personal wellness program
  • Invented in Russia 40 years ago by a renowned healer.
  • Thousands of cases of powerful healing documented
  • Several scientific research programs completed
  • Presented at the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in summer 2013 & 2015

Program Basics

Healing, Wellness & Athletic Performance Program

  • Four primary exercises:
    • Our unique and patented  Belt Lift
    • Modified versions of dead-lift, bench press & leg press
  • Short range of motion
  • Requires only 30 minutes a week
  • Administered by qualified instructor
  • Extremely safe – thousands of participants to date with no injuries
  • Does not replace current workout regimen

Core Strengthening Belt Lift


Program Origin


The Gravitational Wellness System was developed by Professor Anatoly Samodoumov, a well-known Russian physiologist, weight trainer and licensed spiritual healer. After exploring alternative approaches to weight lifting for more than 40 years, he discovered a process that allowed his clients to lift more weight than they dreamed possible. His method involves using a short range of motion and a technique that uses pressure against an opposing surface instead of traditional “lifting.”  Anatoly perfected the System and introduced it to clients and VIPs around Russia. He has addressed international health and wellness conferences, and he is often cited as an expert source on physical health and the mind-body connection. He was awarded dozens of international diplomas and awards, including the “Certificate of Benefits,” The Order “Hippocrates,” The “Medal of Sigmund Freud,” an award “by Albert Schweitzer.”   In addition, he is included in the “Elite Healers of Russia.”  He was awarded a diploma and a medal of “Paracelsus.” He is registered as a unique person in the Russian Book of Records “Miracle-90.” He is a member of the “European Research Society” and “The All-Russian Association of Folk Medicine and Healers.” He is featured in “The best healer of Russia” from 2006 to 2009.


Vladimir Chubinsky was trained by Anatoly Samodoumov.  Vladimir introduced Gravitational Wellness to the United States in 1997 and leads the program in North America.  He is fully trained in the System and is a qualified instructor and trainer of instructors.  A native of Kiev, Vladimir received advanced training as a wrestler and physical therapist at the Kiev University of Physical Culture and Sport. During the height of the Soviet Union, The Kiev University was well-known as a major, and perhaps best, center for sports education.   Vladimir worked as a physical therapist for elite Soviet Olympic athletes. In 1990, Vladimir relocated in Atlanta, where his knowledge of anatomy and skilled therapeutic technique earned him a fine reputation, and influential clients including Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, former Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine, media mogul Ted Turner and actress Jane Fonda, among others.


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