ESPN Followup

Excerpt from ESPN followup



For Vladimir Chubinsky, the impassioned protagonist of “The Miracle Merchant”, our story was a career breakthrough. The Russian √©migr√© now trains more pro athletes (including Seahawks DE Patrick Kearney) with his gravitational gymnastics weight-training system, and has gotten calls “from all over the world” by regular people and ailing former jocks who heard about him and his healing claims. Chubinsky had been working for years trying to get anyone from a college or pro team to buy into his program. Someone finally did: A large D-I NCAA baseball team (he’s not saying who) contracted him to train its players for six months in his suburban Atlanta gym. Now his goals are even loftier. “I want to get a contract with team like the Falcons, or Dolphins,” he says. But he knows that the groundwork for his success had come in helping non-athlete patients who battle MS and osteoporosis. “Above everything, I know the idea is to help every single person to get healthy & to help them get stronger, and better,” Chubinsky says. “That’s what I can do.”